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Prepare an accessible trip for the disabled

It is not always easy to prepare an accessible trip for the disabled: not all destinations are created equal when it comes to accessibility! Indeed, some may be perfectly adapted to people with reduced mobility (PRM), and others, much less. This is why it is important to be informed before embarking on a journey! On this page, you will find out how to prepare an accessible vacation.

Préparer un voyage accessible pour PMR


For a person with reduced mobility, it is very important to organize their trip very early for several reasons. This is because (à enlever) By planning ahead, you will have time to gather information that can be difficult to find. As accommodation is generally limited and demand is quite high, you may be able to get the accommodation that suits your needs if you book well in advance. Finally, booking in advance often allows you to benefit from advantageous rates.

Showing organization and anticipation is essential, even if the chosen destination is more suitable for people with reduced mobility. N’hésitez pas consulter nos guides de voyage pour faire l’impasse sur l’étape fastidieuse que sont les recherches !


There is no shortage of people with reduced mobility who share their travel experience Those feedback of others should not be overlooked in choosing suitable destinations for people with reduced mobility. 

Les The travel guides that we offer on Wheelchair on the road, follow a long prospection on the spot. Our books compile all the information, which we were able to collect.

Préparer un voyage accessible pour PMR


There are more and more destinations suitable for people with reduced mobility. Indeed, the development of new solutions for people with disabilities is in full swing. As a result, travel tends to become more accessible, so you can travel with a disability in Europe and around the world!

Préparer un voyage accessible pour PMR

From Melbourne in Australia, to Manchester in the UK, to Singapore, the world is open to you. Europe is also far from being left out! Croatia is one of the suitable destinations for disabled people. We also offer you a travel guide to this country bordered by the Adriatic sea!

The suitable destinations for people with reduced mobility are not limited to just a few countries, the whole world is open to you. Whatever destination you are going to, remember to organize your trip well. Without forgetting to anticipate the unforeseen potentials you might face! Do not hesitate to consult blogs on the subject, which can prove to be a real source of information. But also, get one of our travel guides, specially designed for people with reduced mobility!

Préparer un voyage accessible pour PMR

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